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 Are you a Tupperware Consultant or know a Tupperware Consultant?  You need this cute tupperware t-shirt . Wear it around town and you will have people asking you about buying Tupperware. It is available in many different colors.  TUPPERWARE SHIRT TUPPERWARE SHIRT TUPPERWARE T-SHIRT TUPPERWARE CONSULTANT SHIRT

Little Debbie Christmas Trees T-Shirt

Are you searching for the Little Debbie Christmas Trees t-shirt ? Today is your lucky day. You have found it. You can get it in a variety of t-shirt colors. Have you ever made the Little Debbie Christmas Trees dip?  Little Debbie Christmas Tree Shirt J Elizabeth Stylist Friends Teacher Shirt

J Elizabeth Stylist

Have you recently heard about J. Elizabeth ? It is a company that sells mainly graphic tees. I discovered J Elizabeth when I was looking for a specific teacher t shirt. I found a J Elizabeth Stylist who was very helpful. The t-shirts are great and very comfortable.  

Friends Teacher Shirt

 This Friends Teacher Shirt is perfect for teachers who are Friends fans. You can wear this t-shirt with jeans and add a cardigan to dress it up a little. J. Elizabeth has many great t-shirts for teachers. Get your Friends Teacher Shirt HERE . 

AVON Christmas

 Do you remember getting AVON for Christmas as a child? I do. It was so magical.  All of the cute kids items they had were just amazing. AVON has less kids items overall now, but around Christmas time, they do have some pretty cool things. I remember getting AVON chapstick in my stocking every year. They also had some cute perfume pins.  Do you remember getting AVON for Christmas ?   

Teacher T-Shirt Subscription

 Are you looking for a teacher t-shirt subscription ? J. Elizabeth has several you can choose from. You can build your own t-shirt subscription box. You can choose from: Adult Humor , Faith and Inspiration , Mom Life , and Surprise Theme . Each t-shirt subscription box is only $19.99 Teacher T-Shirt Subscription on Pinterest

Cookie in the Oven Shirt

 Will you be pregnant around Christmas? J. Elizabeth has a really cool shirt that you can wear. This would be a great way to share the news with your friends and family. The shirt says "There's a little cookie in this oven." Order yours today by clicking on the shirt below.  Did you know that J. Elizabeth has so many cool t-shirt designs? There's one for every occasion. 

Kole Jax Coupon Codes

 Are you looking for Kole Jax coupon codes?  This wonderful jewelry company always has a sale going on. You can only use one coupon code per Kole Jax order so make sure to try them out and use the one that will save you the most money depending on what you are planning to purchase. If you are ordering Fall and Winter items, you can use the Kole Jax coupon code: MERRYFALL to receive 50% off of those items. 

What is Kole Jax?

 I hope you are here because you heard about Kole Jax from someone or you saw some Kole Jax jewelry. I discovered them in August of 2021 but I believe the company was started in 2012. The first thing I noticed was that their earrings reminded me of the earrings my mom would order from AVON when I was a kid in the 80s. The designs are so cute and are of equal or better quality than the AVON jewelry .  I bought several Kole Jax Halloween items when I first ordered.